Iconic - eCommerce Packaging Case Study

In 2015 Jade Elliot stepped into the unknown and took the risk to start up her own beauty brand from her bedroom. Due to her determination and drive Iconic is one of the hottest beauty brands on the market, stocked in one of the most prestigious department stores in the UK with a loyal worldwide customer base.

The challenge was to develop a smart, quality and eco-friendly packaging range to not only reflect the core values of their product range but be able to offer easy and faster packing.

The Problem

Iconic were currently using basic pizza style boxes requiring air bag void fill, they wanted to improve the look of their ecom boxes whilst being more ECO friendly.

The Solution

Lil were able to offer an onsite visit to Iconic’s fulfilment house in December 2019 to work through the best size options. Over the next few months Lil worked closely with Iconic and their brand team to be able to develop four bespoke box sizes and replace the air bag void fill with Breezepaper.

The Outcome

Lil have been supplying Iconic for over 12 months, who are thrilled with not only its eco-friendly benefits and the quicker and easier packing times the Breezebox offers, but creates a much better unboxing experience for the customer.

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If you’d like us to be involved in your packaging review, our team is on hand to answer your questions and we’d be delighted to create bespoke, artist impressions of unboxing experiences worthy of your brand.

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