Single wall cardboard boxes

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Top quality cardboard boxes, buy direct!

Our cardboard boxes are available in an assortment of colours and sizes. All manufactured in house using 100% ethically sourced FSC® certified material and with the Lil Packaging logo seal of quality – our range has it all. Try our selection of long and short edge opening cardboard boxes available here  and our extensive range of super strong double wall boxes here (the ideal cardboard boxes for moving house). Our single wall cardboard boxes are recommended for:

  • ‘Boxed’ Retail Products
  • Electrical & Computing Products
  • ‘Quality’ Box Users
  • Everything and anything!
Single wall cardboard boxes
  1. Lil SN5

    Lil SN5

    595 x 335 x 370 mm
    From £2.07 each (ex. VAT)
  2. Lil SN27

    Lil SN27

    540 x 460 x 50 mm
    From £1.92 each (ex. VAT)
  3. Lil SN26

    Lil SN26

    515 x 250 x 345 mm
    From £1.75 each (ex. VAT)
  4. Lil SN23

    Lil SN23

    545 x 65 x 665 mm
    From £1.86 each (ex. VAT)
  5. Lil CSW560X460X340

    Lil CSW560X460X340

    560 x 460 x 340 mm
    From £2.71 each (ex. VAT)
  6. Lil CSW525X350X210

    Lil CSW525X350X210

    525 x 350 x 210 mm
    From £2.04 each (ex. VAT)
  7. Lil CSW201514M

    Lil CSW201514M

    508 x 381 x 356 mm
    From £2.05 each (ex. VAT)
  8. Lil CPL55

    Lil CPL55

    600 x 400 x 100 mm
    From £1.88 each (ex. VAT)
  9. Lil CDW600X450X440

    Lil CDW600X450X440

    600 x 450 x 440 mm
    From £2.99 each (ex. VAT)
  10. Lil CAS60B

    Lil CAS60B

    600 x 400 x 700 mm
    From £3.95 each (ex. VAT)
  11. Lil CAS60

    Lil CAS60

    600 x 400 x 400 mm
    From £2.52 each (ex. VAT)
  12. Lil CAS59

    Lil CAS59

    600 x 400 x 300 mm
    From £2.26 each (ex. VAT)

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Cardboard packing boxes, buy direct!

With literally thousands of sizes to choose from, our extensive range of cardboard packing boxes will have you covered. Buy your cardboard packing boxes direct from the manufacturer – no MOQ, free delivery on orders over £25 and 30 day returns! Manufactured from quality kraft corrugate cardboard (unlike the inferior “test” material our competitors use) our packing boxes are designed to last and are 100% recyclable. For quality and reliability that can’t be beaten be sure to choose Lil cardboard packing boxes