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For non-fragile

As a simple container for non-fragile product mailing, mailbags are a low cost and effective solution. Light, durable, cost-effective and familiar to customers, you can use mailbags for a variety of mailings. We’ve devised the best specification of mailbag, and have them available for you right here! Recommended for:

  • Non-fragile products such as clothing, and durable items
  • Oddly shaped products
  • Products requiring waterproofing

Are you looking for top quality poly bags? Our poly bags are made out of 2 ply co-extruded material to ensure that your item is not only well protected against accidental tearing, but also protected from prying eyes. The Lil packaging range of poly bags are 100% black out so you are guaranteed additional security and privacy from prying eyes.

Custom printed with our branding, and with peel and seal as standard – our poly bags are guaranteed to outperform any other mailing bag on the market. Our mailing bags come supplied flat, they make a great choice for smaller businesses with minimal storage space and are great for mailing out items that are unlikely to be damaged in transit – clothing and apparel, small fabric accessories, sturdy soft toys and more. These mailing bags represent the best quality on the market – if you’re looking to truly upgrade your unboxing experience, we always recommend checking out our range of ;high quality ecommerce and postal packaging for Fashion.

  1. MB1 Mailbag

    MB1 Mailbag

    170 x 250 x mm
    From £0.020 each (ex vat)
  2. MB4 Mailbag

    MB4 Mailbag

    300 x 420 x mm
    From £0.057 each (ex vat)
  3. MB5 Mailbag

    MB5 Mailbag

    400 x 540 x mm
    From £0.104 each (ex vat)
  4. MB46 Mailbag

    MB46 Mailbag

    460 x 540 x mm
    From £0.122 each (ex vat)
  5. MB60 Mailbag

    MB60 Mailbag

    600 x 750 x mm
    From £0.222 each (ex vat)
  6. MB76 Mailbag

    MB76 Mailbag

    760 x 750 x mm
    From £0.281 each (ex vat)