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Bubble mailer

For economy protection

As bubble mailers go, this is about as good as it gets! Recommended for:

  • Providing a basic level of protection in the post
  • Quality at a great price
  • More attractive than plain bubble mailers. Ours are printed 2 colour Lil branding.
  • Sending small items that a box or envelope are just too big for!
Bubble mailer
  1. DB-002 Bubble Mailer

    DB-002 Bubble Mailer

    120 x 215 x 10 mm
    From £0.052 each (ex vat)
  2. DC-03 Bubble Mailer

    DC-03 Bubble Mailer

    150 x 215 x 10 mm
    From £0.056 each (ex vat)
  3. D1-4 Bubble Mailer

    D1-4 Bubble Mailer

    180 x 265 x 10 mm
    From £0.072 each (ex vat)
  4. DE2-5 Bubble Mailer

    DE2-5 Bubble Mailer

    220 x 265 x 10 mm
    From £0.089 each (ex vat)
  5. DF3-LL Bubble Mailer

    DF3-LL Bubble Mailer

    230 x 335 x 10 mm
    From £0.104 each (ex vat)
  6. DK7-10 Bubble Mailer

    DK7-10 Bubble Mailer

    350 x 470 x mm
    From £0.217 each (ex vat)