Lil packing tape HM90 BROWN 48mm x 150m HotMelt 2in core

48 x 150 x mm
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48mm wide & 150m in length with a high-spec hot melt adhesive, Lil tape is the first to have been specifically developed for ecommerce since most tapes are just 66m long and take 24 hours to stick. Ours is 150m long and being hot melt, takes only 90 seconds to stick, hence our pledge to hot melt adhesive for ALL Lil products: 90% instant grab adhesion (Industrial Standard 40%), 90% faster to dispense than Industrial Standard.
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  • Weight327g
  • Qty box36
  • Qty pallet2592
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Long lasting 150m brown parcel tape!

Ours is probably the best brown packing tape on the market.

NEW Lil hot melt brown packing tape! You will be amazed to hear that pound for pound our most efficient tape is actually our highest quality Lil parcel tape (HM90) with a 25 micron polypropylene film, and 17 grams of high-spec hot melt adhesive. While many claim their tape to be best, here is the science behind why Lil tape is best for internet retailers: Lil brown parcel tape (HM90) is approximately 20% cheaper than 66m economy 3" core acrylic tapes. By reducing the core to 2" instead of industry standard 3", we achieve 150m per roll without dramatically increasing the overall diameter. Superior hot melt adhesion while saving 20%. It's a win win!
  • 150m roll = 90 min/roll change (Industry Standard 40 minutes)*
  • 90% instant grab adhesion (Industry Standard 40%)
  • 90 seconds until 100% adhesion (Industry Standard 24 hours)
  • 90% faster to dispense than Industry Standard
  • wider operating temperature of 6°C to 45°C (Industry Standard 12°C to 40°C)
*Average fulfilment speed 2 boxes/min requiring 4 x 416mm lengths of tape. Why not try our NEW Lil tape gun! The perfect partner for this fantastic hot melt packing tape...
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Colour Brown Corrugated
Flap Type Hotmelt Peel & Seal only
Internal Width MM 48
Internal Length MM 150
Item Thickness 42 micron (17gsm hot melt adhesive + 25micron polyprop film)
Item Weight (g) 327
Pallet Size 100x120x190cm / 40x48x75"
Quantity per Box/Pack 36
Quantity per pallet 2592
Width 48
  • supplied form boxed