Lil Packaging Book wrap Mailers

Book wraps (also referred to as postal wraps, book packaging or simply book mailers) are the best form of highly protective board packaging for posting books.

These postal wraps make the perfect book packaging to ensure your hard backs arrive at their destination undamaged. Featuring variable-depth design, high-strength corrugated kraft board, reduced transport costs, lower postage costs, hot-melt peel 'n' seal systems and easy-tear opening strips. Our book postal wraps are the industry standard by which all others are measured!

Our super tough book wraps are trusted by the biggest internet retailers, available to buy direct from the manufacturer with no minimum order quantities. Once assembled (which is super quick and easy to do – see the video below) our bookwraps have a substantial buffer edge to protect book spines and corners from impact damage. Should the package be dropped on it's end the overhanging thick kraft card works just like the crumple zone on a car – it's been cleverly designed to absorb the impact, therefor preserving the book inside.

  1. C-DVD Bukwrap

    C-DVD Bukwrap

    200 x 30 x 142 mm
    From £0.73
  2. C1 Bukwrap

    C1 Bukwrap

    216 x 55 x 154 mm
    From £0.79
  3. C2 Bukwrap

    C2 Bukwrap

    260 x 70 x 175 mm
    From £0.99
  4. C3 Bukwrap

    C3 Bukwrap

    311 x 50 x 240 mm
    From £1.21
  5. CD Bukwrap

    CD Bukwrap

    145 x 30 x 129 mm
    From £0.66
  6. CLP Bukwrap

    CLP Bukwrap

    330 x 30 x 330 mm
    From £1.97


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For another video of our bukwrap book packaging in action with an internet giant click here (skip to 2:35)