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With the thousands of packaging solutions we provide, you’re never stuck for options at Lil Packaging. To help you find out what you need, how best to use it, or if you’re thinking of shipping to a different country, we’ve developed a collection of business-led articles designed to keep you in the know.

In our blog, you’ll find everything you need to know, and more, about branding, e-commerce, and packaging for your business. Yes, that’s right, packaging can help grow your business. Don’t believe us? Check out the content below. For more information on our packaging solutions, pop across to our range here.

  1. Packaging Void fill – A waste of space?

    Packaging Void fill – A waste of space?
    In this article we’re going to talk about “That which we do not speak of.” Yes, one of the great unmentionables in the packaging industry is that of packaging void fill. The stuff that dispatchers will pack into boxes, crates, packages, packs and more to stop your precious product from rattling about or minimise the chances of it suffering impact... Read More
  2. Cost Vs Quality: The case against soft-bag delivery packaging...

    Cost Vs Quality: The case against soft-bag delivery packaging...
    In 2014, Jiffy-style bags became 50 years old. That’s quite an achievement for a product design that revolutionised delivery packaging back in the 1960’s. Like other forms of soft packaging, these bags relied on the premise that products could be insulated from damage during delivery and transit by ‘cushioning’ the item against impact and interference. Logic will tell you that... Read More
  3. Medexpress Case Study

    Medexpress Case Study
    The Challenge MedExpress is an online UK based registered pharmaceutical business.  Customers of MedExpress carry out a three step process where they select the medication that they require, followed by completion of an online questionnaire which is reviewed by one of their UK registered GP’s. The GP decides if the medication is appropriate for the customer, and issues a private... Read More
  4. Debenhams Case Study

    Debenhams Case Study
    The Challenge After meeting Debenhams, a keen interest was shown in our stock range of boxes, in particular the crashlock Autoboxes.  Debenhams were looking for a solution to packing time inefficiency.  They were operating their fulfilment from the basement of the Southampton store and were very restricted for space. The Problem Debenhams online sales of health and beauty products had... Read More
  5. Reed Comics Case Study

    Reed Comics Case Study
    Reed Comics are one of the largest comic book distributors online! The Challenge Reed Comics are sending out new and rare collectable comics in large quantities on a daily basis.  As collectors themselves their passion for good service stems from the service that they would expect to receive.  Reed comics had designed a twist wrap to enclose their comics and... Read More
  6. William Grant & Sons (Drambuie) Case Study

    William Grant & Sons (Drambuie) Case Study
    Challenge In September 2014, William Grant & Sons acquired the Drambuie Liqueur Company Ltd for which Lil Packaging supplied bespoke high quality Litho printed cardboard packaging.  William Grant & Sons had their own list of preferred packaging suppliers and were very careful about adding any new suppliers to their approved supplier list. The challenge for Lil Packaging was in demonstrating why they... Read More
  7. TNT Case Study

    TNT Case Study
    The Challenge Having tendered their express overnight letter cardboard envelopes for five successive years, TNT were exhausting their options for ongoing cost reductions. Instead of TNT spending precious time researching unknown suppliers to invite to the next tender, Lil Packaging requested time to research new operational methods of producing their cardboard envelopes at lower cost. The Problems TNT’s purchasing department... Read More
  8. Natural History Museum Case Study

    Natural History Museum Case Study
    The Challenge The Natural History Museum (NHM) is a leading London academic and scientific institution dedicated to bringing the past to life for thousands of visitors every year. Their online business sells and ships countless pieces of memorabilia, gifts, educational resources and more. At Lil Packaging we were tasked with helping them to find more suitable packaging for their range... Read More

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