We make searching for the right cardboard boxes easy with our filtering page

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We take the headache out of finding the right cardboard boxes or mailing boxes for your business – check out our filter by size page…

cardboard boxes search by size

This filter enables you to find appropriate packaging for almost any item you are sending out via mail. From cardboard boxes through to our breezebox – all you have to do is specify the ‘footprint-size’ of the product or item you are shipping, using the Width (W), Length (L) and Height (H) measures. Simply use the minimum and maximum scroller bars to find the right number and the page will automatically update. Each time you enter a figure, the search engine will refresh the view and slim down the available types and available packaging sizes that apply to your needs – be sure to give yourself a range either side of your desired size to find the box that best fits your product. If you still cant find the size you need – get in touch today as we’re a manufacturer and able to produce packaging to virtually any specification.

Why buy cardboard boxes from Lil Packaging?

Lil Packaging manufactures and supplies cardboard boxes, postal packaging and custom retail packaging to individuals and businesses the world over. With over 1700 sizes and styles to choose from, we’re pretty much guaranteed to have a box size to fit your needs! With the recent uproar over the huge use of plastic in packaging, products and in places where plastic really shouldn’t be used all polluting our oceans and destroying natural habitats the world over – we’re making a conscious shift to expand our range of 100% recyclable kraft cardboard products and to taper off our use of plastics going forwards. Eco-friendly cardboard boxes isn’t new to us, we’re one of the first independent manufacturers to commit to using only 100% recyclable and FSC® certified material in ALL of our stock products. Also, we absorb the majority of the costs to the consumer – this enables our eco-friendly packaging to remain competitive like for like on price. Superior material quality and ethical credentials your business can be proud of. You’ll be wanting eco-friendly cardboard boxes that not only deliver excellent unboxing experiences but also presents your business as both socially conscious and progressive, look no further!





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